1. New shoes. Classic brown cap-toes on the forest last from Carmina. Timeless.

    Thanks to Skoaktiebolaget in Stockholm for some great service!

  2. Enjoyning the Catalonian sun with a beer.

    Belisario MTM shirt
    Drakes tie
    Liverano braces

  3. Spring in Barcelona

    Suitsupply jacket, Suitsupply trousers, drakes tie and berg & berg scarf and ps.

  4. Details from Barcelona. 

    Suitsupply Jort jacket, Suitsupply flannel, Belisario MTM shirt and Drake’s grenadine tie. 

  5. Spring in Barcelona. 

    Suitsupply Jort jacket, Belisario MTM shirt, Patinova Lapel chain, Drakes grenadine tie, Suitsupply trousers. 

  6. Some decent shining last saturday. 

    Meermin double monks in cognac grain. 


  7. masterkeynes asked: I really like the way you tie your tie. is it a Windsor?


    I only use a four in a hand knot and position the thinner blade a little bit askew. 


  8. Back after some busy weeks. 

    Suitsupply jort tweed jacket
    Drakes Wool/silk dotted tie and ps
    Belisario MTM shirt
    The Armoury lapel chain by Patinova
    Omega Seamaster from 1961

  9. New Years Eve 2013

    A ten years old Hugo Boss MTM tuxedo in Super 110 wool 
    Belisaro MTM shirt
    Drake’s bowtie
    Church’s Consul in black

    Happy days…

  10. Christmas day attire. 

    Grey flannel, blue tweed and wool challis tie.

    Suitsupply, Liverano, Drake’s, Liverano and Belisario

  11. My new Suitsupply Jort jacket in Harris Tweed. 

    Fully canvassed and half lined, which makes this a pleasure to wear. 

    The details are really good for a RTW jacket. 

    SS jacket and trouser, Belisario MTM shirt, and Drake’s tie. 

  12. Home for christmas.

    One can still be stylish and comfortable at the same time. I find this to be one of the best combinations for a day inside. 

    John Smedley Merino turtleneck, Liverano braces and Suitsupply trousers. 

  13. Everyday uniform. 

    Suitsupply jacket, Belisario MTM shirt, Suitsupply chinos and Berg&Berg tie and ps. 

  14. One of my favorite new hobbies: beer brewing. One of the reasons it is so awarding is that we are using ancient techniques and recipes. This is our first batch ever. A belgian wit with a fruity character and delicate aroma. Our norwegian christmas brew is in the making tomorrow. Couldn’t be more excited. 

  15. New cashmere/wool odd jacket from Suitsupply. 

    Delicate windowpane, nice lapel roll and a stunning fabric. A perfect odd jacket for fall. 

    Suitsupply jacket and flannels, John Smedley turtleneck, The armoury lapel pin and Berg&Berg ps.